High quality.
Made in Germany.

Thanks to its own production at the Herdecke, Germany
ATN Engineering is able to create products of the highest quality possible in accordance with all guildlines standards.


Rotary Connections

ATN rotary connections are fitted when several media have to be put into rotating plant sections at the same time. ATN rotary connections are available in compact or segment construction versions, and are produced in accordance with customer requirements or wishes.


From the 2 channel to the 32 channel ATN rotary connection, all versions are available in normal and stainless steel. Our ATN rotary connections are also exclusively produced at our plant in Herdecke. The design development and production of the ATN rotary connections is always adapted to the respective operating parameters and customer-specific requirements.  ATN rotary connections are used in variety of ways, e.g. converter rotary unions, excavator and crane constructions, hydraulic rotary systems, steel and metallurgical industry, revolving transfer machines.

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