High quality.
Made in Germany.

Thanks to its own production at Herdecke, Germany
ATN Engineering is able to create products of the highest quality
possible in accordance with all guildlines standards.


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Certified company

Our ISO 9001 certified company fulfils the highest demands and is naturally certified to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/UE.

Family-run business

ATN Engineering is a family-run company established more than 30 years ago. We are located at the city of Herdecke, near Dortmund, Germany.

Following standards

We produce in accordance with all standard guidelines, and our certification is carried out by accredited companies.

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Swivel joints

ATN swivel joints are ball track controlled swivel elements with a medium channel, in order to ensure safe transport of liquids and gases.

ATN swivel joints feature either 1 or 2 ball tracks,enabling swivel movements such as for example a 360° rotation without any problems, despite simultaneous external loading through force and torque.

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Rotary connections

ATN rotary connections are fitted when several media have to be put into rotating plant sections at the same time. ATN rotary connections are available in compact or segment construction versions, and are produced in accordance with customer requirements or wishes.

From the 2 channel to the 32 channel ATN rotary connection, all versions are available in normal and stainless steel. Our ATN rotary connections are also exclusively produced at our plant in Herdecke.

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Swivel joint scissors

ATN swivel joint scissors are a combination of ATN swivel joints with welded pipes and pipe elbows.

Thanks to the moveable piping system, large distances can be bridged. Hoses which are subject to greater torsion can alternatively be replaced with ATN swivel joint scissors, so as to ensure safe transport of the medium.

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Adress – Administration Gahlenfeldstraße 42-44,
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58313 Herdecke

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