High quality.
Made in Germany.

Thanks to its own production at the Herdecke, Germany ATN Engineering is able to create products of the highest quality possible in accordance with all guildlines standards.


Nitrogen and hydraulic tension jacks

ATN GmbH in Herdecke is your reliable and competent supplier for nitrogen and hydraulic tensioning jacks. After decades of experience in development and production, our tensioning jacks are characterised by the highest standard of quality and reliability. Fitted in the undercarriage of a crawler or a crawler excavator, they assure correct track tension, without the need for connection to the central hydraulic system of the equipment.

Due to the physical characteristics of the nitrogen fill medium, there is no oxidation within the tank. Thus, ‘ageing’ of the seals is also avoided. A long working life is consequently guaranteed in every case.

Also for use in: Damper units, Conveyor belts, Conveyor chains, Slat conveyors